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Good Food Fast Project #1

Submitted by Evelyn Seemann
York 4-H - Belhaven Life Skills Club
(Posted April 28, 2015)

Meeting #1:

We were all welcomed by our York 4-H club leaders Teresa, Karen, and Marion. The meeting then opened with the 4-H pledge. We held our elections then jumped right into the cooking. We were split into three groups to start preparing and making the food. We made a variety of good fast food and one was microwaved eggs, which by everyone’s surprise was quite tasty! Who knew a fast food could taste good AND be on the healthy side? We also baked two different kinds of muffins to go with the eggs, apricot and apple flavour. Another group made pre-made fruit and bran breakfast mix, and last but not least the party popcorn. They were all good dishes. While we were eating, one of our leaders, Marion, went through some nutritional facts of the different competing food brands. Everyone had different opinions on which dish was their favourite, but overall the food tasted delicious. We closed the meeting with the 4-H motto.


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