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Good Food Fast Project Report #2

Submitted by Evelyn Seemann
York 4-H - Belhaven Life Skills Club
(Posted April 28, 2015)

Meeting #3:

On April 11, 2015, we opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge. We split into several groups and created a meal by looking for inspiration from grocery flyer clippings, and kept the following in mind: colour, flavour variety, and nutrition. Once we finished our meals, we shared and discussed them. After that, we started cooking. We were separated into groups to make the food. This week, we made lunch meals, starting with a pizza frittata, make-ahead meat sauce with pasta to go with it, and a salad with thousand island dressing. It took a minute longer than expected to cook the pizza frittata, and each frittata looked a little different. Overall the texture and flavour was very tasty. While some of our food was waiting to cook, we did a food word search. Finally, all the food was ready to taste. Some people loved the pizza frittata, and some members had other favourites such as the thousand island salad. Ultimately, another enjoyable club meeting was completed. Our vice president Brooke thanked Karen, one of our leaders, for hosting the meeting, and we adjourned the meeting with the 4-H motto.


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