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Happy and Dan the Halflingers

Submitted by Carmen and Natalie VanderWal
Middlesex 4-H - Glencoe 4-H Horse Club
(Posted August 16, 2017)

The second meeting of the Glencoe 4-H Horse Club took place at the Yates farm, on Falconbridge Drive in Appin, on Thursday May 11 from 7-9pm. The purpose of the second meeting was to go for a ride on a wagon and learn about driving horses such as the Halflinger. Barb Yates, one of our leaders, and her daughter Jill, a club member, have two Halflingers named Happy and Dan. We learned about the horse driving collar worn by the Halflingers and how it works. We learned about the parts of these collars, such as the britchen, the blinders, the tug, and of course the reins and bit.

The highlight of our meeting was going for a wagon ride led by Happy and Dan. They were driven by Chris Yates. Some members got to try their hand at driving Happy and Dan. They said it was a lot harder than it looks, but it was a great opportunity to try something different.

Learning how to judge is an important part of 4-H. At this meeting, we judged which driving collar we thought was the best. We listed our criteria for judging the best collar, such as condition of the leather, how well it attaches, and proper fit. This was a very fun and informative meeting, and we look forward to the next meeting at the home of Linda Simpson, where we will learn about first aid for horses. Thank you to the Yates family for hosting this meeting.


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