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Ice Cream Club report

Submitted by Mattia Seemann
York 4-H - Sharon Life Skills
(Posted March 31, 2015)

In February we had our second Ice Cream Club meeting. That meeting we made our own french vanilla ice cream! We were split into three groups, each group was given a recipe and the supplies needed. We started off by making the custard for the french vanilla ice cream. It was very creamy and it smelled delicious!

Afterwords we moved on to making its texture thick, by placing it in the ice cream maker. When we were waiting for the ice cream to thicken, we went back to our groups and made milkshakes.

Each group made two different types of milkshake, healthy and sweet. We made the unhealthy milkshake first, it had Oreos, caramel sauce etc. Then using a blender we mixed all the ingredients together. Once we finished making the Oreo milkshake we began judging it by its taste, texture, colour etc. A majority of the club enjoyed it but a few thought it was too sweet.

Next we made the healthy milkshake following the same procedure, except we used healthy ingredients like kale and fruit. Again we judged it, many people didn't like it but to our surprise some did!

Everyone presented the ice cream related topics we were assigned to research the meeting before. We all learned lots of new things about ice cream. Fun fact: did you know that in Japan they sell squid ice cream? We wrapped up the meeting with the 4-H motto and the snack which was sorbet that we had made the meeting before. It was a great meeting.


Mattia Seemann, News Reporter

York 4-H

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