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Ice Cream Club report #2

Submitted by Mattia Seemann
York 4-H - Sharon Life Skills
(Posted March 31, 2015)

Ice Cream Club met in February. We started off the meeting by doing some judging. There were three vanilla ice cream brands we judged: Real Dairy (Nestle), Haagen-dazs and Selection (no name) on taste, colour, texture, thickness etc. It was a blind test, we did not know the brand until afterwards, so we had to make the judgement based on the criteria above.

Once we finished the judging, we moved on to making homemade waffle cones. We divided into two groups, and one group started by making cones and the other group made ice cream in a bag and we then switched. Next we followed a recipe to make the batter. Then we put the batter in the waffle cone maker, let it cook, then rolled it up to the cone shape and let it dry. Everyone got to make two cones, they looked great.

For the ice cream in a bag we mixed up the ingredients in a bag and placed it in another bag filled with ice and salt. Then we shook it like crazy for a long time, and after a generous amount of time we had ice cream!

We also did an quiz on ice cream.

For the snack we took out our french vanilla ice cream we made from the previous meeting and put it in our cones. We had a completely homemade dessert that was delicious! That meeting was very fun and everyone learned something about ice cream.


Mattia Seemann, News Reporter

York 4-H

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