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Apiculture Club

Submitted by Wiley Fanta
Brant 4-H - Bee Club
(Posted August 15, 2012)

Our July Bee club meeting was at the Henderson's. We tested the bees for mites. To do this you need a special jar and windsheild washer fluid. When the process is done yes the bees will die but so do the mites and they will seperate. We learned to test for mites as they will eventually kill the bees. If there are too manymites killing bees it will effect the hive. A mite to a bee is like a small monkey on a person's back! We went for a HUGE walk to see the Henderson's bee hives. We passed around frames. These frames hold honey. There is a big difference in weight from a empty frame to one that has honey. We also saw a frame with larva - we did not pass this one around.

Snack was lemonade and Freezies-which was great as it was very hot.

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