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Lanark County 4H Archery

Submitted by Tandra's Drew
Lanark 4-H - Archery
(Posted August 14, 2017)

Lanark County Archery 4-H

By: Tandra Drew


May 2nd 2017

Today was our first meeting! We all went to the Dowdalls' house and nominated a president, vice, secretary, and a reporter, then we went out and shot some arrows. Today our targets were a bag and some massive foam blocks. Afterward we ate a good snack of Timbits and blue raspberry, strawberry kiwi and orange flavoured Kool-Aid. After, some people went out and looked at the ducks and chickens. This year we're going to have some new targets! A deer and a hedgehog/groundhog.


May 16 2017

Today we shot at some new targets: a fake raccoon, a fake groundhog, and the zombie! It was very exciting! We also tried using three arrows. We had pretzels, goldfish crackers, and chocolate and FudgeeOs cookies for snack! Yum!


May 30 2017

Today we did a test! Kim lay some archery things out on a table and we wrote on paper what they were and what they were used for. Then, we went out and shot at a fake deer, raccoon, and a groundhog. After, we had Rice Krispies squares and apple juice for snack. On the table there was a radar to measure how fast your bow shoots ,and a few other things.


June 13 2017

Today we shot at some BALLOONS! The balloons were colours like green, yellow, blue, pink, and black. It was very fun! We also shot at the raccoon, deer, and hedgehog. For snack we had brownies, Rice Krispies, and fruit punch!


June 27 2017

Today we did different stations. The targets were balloons, a fake turkey, a groundhog, and a few more things. For snacks we had brownies, strawberry-banana juice, and fruit punch. If we wanted to, we could stand on the picnic table or deck!


July 11 2017

Today was our last meeting before our Achievement Day! We only got to shoot at about two things before it started raining! After, we just sat on the deck and ate chocolate chip cookies that Abby and Hannah brought!


August 8 2017

Today was our aAhievement! We did stations and we got points!

Depending on the number of points you got you either got a small, medium or large prize! Everybody brought something to eat for snack including cupcakes, cookies, and veggies! It was a great way to end our club. Of course a huge thank you goes to our leaders Kim and Mark Dowdall for giving your time to teach us all the art of archery.

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