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Lanark County Archery 4-H: Group 2

Submitted by Tandra Drew
Lanark 4-H - Archery
(Posted September 26, 2016)

On our 1st night of Archery we talked about how to be safe on an archery range. We also talked about the different types of bows such as the compound bow, and recurve. And we also talked about how to correctly fasten arrows and how to attach a piece of equipment called a release. Though some people accidentally let go of the release.

Some of the arrows went around or over the targets (though the ones that went over were mostly mine!) of which Alex Dowdall kindly went and got. When we were done we had a most delicious snack of fruit punch and cookie!

August 2nd, was our last official meeting. We shot at a plastic target deer and the zombie. It was our first time shooting the deer. It was very exciting for us!

On August 14th we're going to the Outdoor 3-D Shooting Range for our achievement to prove our learnings. We will shoot at a variety of targets. I think it'll be fun!

I'd like to give a shout out on behalf of group 2, to our club leaders, Kim and Mark Dowdall. Thank you very much for such a great experience!

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