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4-H Lanark Poultry Club Happenings

Submitted by Josephine Parkinson
Lanark 4-H - Lanark Poultry Club
(Posted October 15, 2015)

Our first meeting was an overview of what we had to do. We also confirmed the "pecking order" with a vote. Dorothy Parkinson was president and Vera Parkinson was vice-president, Molly Pinhey was secretary and Josephine Parkinson was Press Reporter. Just in time for our third meeting, our fluffy day-old chicks arrived! On our second last meeting, we talked about natural treatments for sicknesses in poultry. Our last meeting was a farm tour of Blue Heron Farm, a free-ranged poultry farm.

The achievement for the Lanark 4-H Poultry Club was a huge success at the McDonald's Corners Fair!

The chickens were bright-eyed and bushy tailed that day, as were the owners who showed them. The judge, Jeff Draper, had said that the birds were, "Well finished and conditioned," and "could even show the people who entered in the open classes some things about preparing a bird for a show."

Pyper Brandino's Black Sex Link hen came in first, with Tessa Brandino's Black Sex Link in a close second. Our secretary, Molly Pinhey, won third with her New Hampshire Cross hen.

I think that the poultry club was a success and hope that the members come back to a great club and feathered friends next year.

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