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Last Show of the Season Folks

Submitted by Chloe McKeown
York 4-H
(Posted October 15, 2015)

On Thursday, October 1, 2015 the York 4-H Dairy Club held its achievement day at the Markham Fair. The day started out bright and early at 6:30am washing cows. Most York dairy members were there either washing cows, building the pack or getting show boxes organized. All cows were washed and dried by 8am. The Sutton Dairy Club was showing at the Markham Fair too, so it made for some friendly competition. For those who applied to make the York 4-H Royal team, this was there last chance to show what they’ve got. The York show started at 11am. All members from York were in their whites and feeling some nerves by 10am. After the York show, the inter-club show started at 12:30pm. The York team was all warmed up and ready to show what they’ve got! Both clubs competed with passion and heart. By the end of the day everyone, including showman, parents, sisters and brothers were exhausted but thrilled to have been part of such an amazing day! The York Dairy club would like to thank its leaders Lieke Hulshof, Brad Hulshof and Sarah Kellington once again for their hard work and dedication towards the club.

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