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Mad Hatters Third Meeting

Submitted by Juliana Willemsma
Essex 4-H - 4-H “Mad Hatters” Knitting & Crocheting Club
(Posted February 28, 2012)

The Members of "The Mad Hatters" 4-H Knitting and Crocheting Club held their third meeting on February 27th. Emma opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge; Jessica gave the secretary's report followed by the treasurer's report given by Samantha.

The Members broke into their groups. The ‘crochet’ group started to make baby hats. The Members will single crochet for about ten rows. Then it will be folded in half and stitched with a yarn needle. The top will be scrunched up and then the hat will be complete. The Members completed about three rows at this meeting.

The ‘knitters’ learned how to decrease. This is when you take two stitches and turn it into one. Miss Mary taught the Members to combine to balls of yarn together.

The Members were split into 3 groups for a fun game. Members enjoyed a snack of chocolate bars and juice. The next meeting will be on March 5 at the Essex Civic Center.

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