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Atwood Dairy Club Meeting One

Submitted by Brandon Elg
Perth 4-H - Atwood Dairy
(Posted March 25, 2013)

The first meeting of the Atwood Dairy club was held on March 25th 2013 at the Listowel Agricultral Hall. We began with introductions of ourselves. We went over the requirements for the2013 year. We played introductional BINGO and the winners were Sam Johnston and Anne Rothwell. The two of them recieved a prize for winning BINGO. After BINGO, we nominated our club excutives. Congratulations to Kristen Portena our secretary, Rachel Weber, President, Cameron Portena, Vice-President, Brandon Elg, Press Reporter and Leanne Weber, Tresurer. The new President, Rachel Weber opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge. We then came up with a schedule for future meetings. Meeting two will be held Monday April 8th at Bryan Zehr's where we will cover the topics of calf selction and judging parts of a cow. Meeting Three will be held on April 23rd at Johnston's farm were the topics covered will be judging hay, filling calves and toplines as well as the possibility of hoof trimming. Meeting Four will be held Monday May 13th at Portena's farm were we will be covering Showmanship. Meeting 5&6 will be a joint meeting on June 22, fun day at Listowel Fairgrounds, practise run for Listowel Fair and our Achievement day. We will be having two Clipping days the first on May 4th at Hyat's between Poole and Highway 19. The second clipping day on May 25th at the Johnston's farm. Other dates to keep in mind, were June 1st which is Clinton Fair. May 11th Judging Day at Hank Hazelagers. July 15th and 16th is the Junior Dairy show in Woodstock. July 18th is the Listowel Fair parade. July 20th is the Achievement day show at Listowel Fair. Auagust 5th is the Britespan show in Lucknow. October 14th is the EastGen Tour. We closed the meeting with the 4H motto- Learn to do by Doing!

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