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Melbourne beef 4-H club meeting summaries

Submitted by Nathan Aitken
Middlesex 4-H - melbourne beef club
(Posted May 22, 2012)

The first meeting was held on april 18th at the Zambag farm. We started the meeting with judging a class of 4-H breeding heifers. Robert May gave the officials and we had an open discussion on why each heifer was places in that particular spot. Next we went to the business part of the meeting which started with everyone introducing them selves. After our ice breaker session the floor was open for nominations for president/ vise-president, secretary and press reporter. The nomination finished with. Robert May as president, Brad Skinner as Vice, Sam Farguharson as secretary and Nathan Aitken as press report. The 4-H pledge was then recited. And the meeting was continued with a talk about our project identification forms for our animals. We then discussed if we want to have a clipping and show preparation meeting. We decided it was a good idea to refresh everyone's memories. The meeting was then adjourned and we have snacks and drinks.

The second meeting was held on May 2nd at the May farm. We started the meeting by dividing into two groups, senior member and junior members. The senior group judges a class of oats and the junior members judges a class of hay. After both groups finished judging we switched class and judges each others classes for extra practice. Everyone have to give reasons out loud to one of the leaders. Robert May gave the official on both classes. The business part of the meeting was started with the 4-H pledge. Roll call was then done, as everyone's name was called out we had to bring our project ID form to our leader. We talked about where and when the next meeting will be. We finished the business part of the meeting by talking about our pre-show at melbourne fair grounds and our clipping demonstrations. the meeting was adjourned and the club enjoyed refreshments.

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