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Milford 4-H Body Works

Submitted by Megan Insley
Prince Edward 4-H - Milford 4-H Body Works
(Posted July 25, 2012)

This year the Milford 4-H club ran a new project called Body Works. It was held on Tuesday nights at the Milford Town Hall from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm. We had 13 members in the club and the leaders were Barb Insley and Angela Miller, I (Megan Insley) was the youth leader. The club ran for 6 weeks, during those weeks we learned and got to try a lot of new things– healthy eating, physical activity, karate, yoga, how to care for your skin and your hair. During one of our meetings we also touched on self esteem by doing a group exercise. For this exercise we all sat in a circle and said one or more good things about ourselves, for some it was about their personality, others talked about things that they do well. That was one of my favourite nights because I realized what a close and caring group of members we have in Milford (not one member didn’t have something good to say about every other member in the club!). My other favourite meeting was when we did yoga. It was my other favourite because I have always been interested in yoga and I got to learn a whole new style of yoga, it’s called laughing yoga– it sounds silly (and it is a little)– but we all had FUN! As the meeting came to an end we did a little traditional yoga to get everyone calmed down before going home. Unfortunately I missed the karate meeting but I heard it was also really fun. And of course our meeting on eating healthy and physical activity were fun too. During our hair and skin care meeting we had Janet from Pharma Plus come out and talk to us about how to care for your skin in the summer by using sunscreen- did you know that if you use sunscreen that is SPF 30 it lowers to about SPF 15? I didn’t know that. When I asked at the end of the club what the members enjoyed or learned one member told me “I learned that you shouldn’t tousle your hair because it can cause breakage you are suppose to squeeze it out with a towel”; Jonah said “I really liked karate”; Cori said she would do the body works club again; Codie said “we learned how to work on our self confidence by saying good things about ourselves, our friends and our fellow club members”. To wrap up our club we held an achievement night where we played Just Dance on the Wii and ate (healthy) snacks. And before everyone went home I asked the whole group if they enjoyed doing this club and they all said YES!! :)

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