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2012 MS WALK please sponsor our 4-H Club

Submitted by Rachel Balkwill
Essex 4-H - Fitness 4-Health: 4-H Fitness Club
(Posted March 16, 2012)

“OUCH, ouch…!” Yes that's pretty much how the next day went for most of the 4-H Fitness Club members after their second meeting on Thursday March 8th at the Beachwalk Fitness Club in the town of Essex. This weeks meeting was our first at an actual fitness centre where we would be getting to know our professional fitness trainer Jen Moore, as well as a thing or two on how to exercise properly and get ourselves into shape. Of course before we got to the fun part of our meeting we first started off with measurements and weigh-in's privately with Jen, as well as getting a little business out of the way.

This week we continued the discussion about what we could do in the months ahead to train ourselves and lead us to better healthy living. One of the ways our club has decided to take a positive step towards our healthy goals was entering the MS Walk in Leamington on April 22. The club decided that this would be an excellent idea, helping not only ourselves but also other people. Before we attempt to pull this idea off though we'd need the help of our new trainer Jen that's why after some talk it was time for some walk, or exercise in our case.

Members had quite an experience that night, from fit to non fit members no one was spared the pleasure of stretching and pushing our muscles to maximum capacity. For some this was a full out reality check for our members and a time to realize what we need to do to get in shape. We took advantage of this and wrote down some future goals we have for ourselves in the future that we hope to complete through our training. The time is here to better ourselves and that's what our club plans to do. With some guidance from Jen we know that anyone of us can do this and it's really not that hard it’s just a commitment to ourselves.

The next meeting for our club is on Wednesday, March 22nd for ‘Belly Dancing’. Everyone is encouraged to join us on our walk to support the MS Foundation on April 22nd. To sponsor our team, or join the walk yourself please visit the 2012 MS Walk website at http://mssociety.ca/mswalk/ (Leamington “4-H Fitness Club”).

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