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Night at the Theatre

Submitted by Zoe Ducheck
York 4-H - Social Club
(Posted September 5, 2018)

On Wednesday April 11th, 4-H York Social Club attended A Chorus Line at the Newmarket Theatre. The show was “one singular sensation”! Put on by Elite, a teen theatre group, we were transported to a Broadway audition as the actors sang and danced about life as a performer. There were many memorable songs and characters. Going to live theatre is very different than watching a movie, as the actors can hear and see the audience. Etiquette at the theatre includes; be on time for the performance, laughter and applause are welcome during performances but talking is not, phones should be off, stay in your seat for the performance, when someone needs to get by you should stand and if you are passing by someone face them. Seeing live theatre is a fun and unique experience - check out what your local theatre groups have to offer!


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