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Picture Perfect Meetings 1,2 and 3

Submitted by Kaitlyn Elg
Perth 4-H - Picture Perfect
(Posted August 21, 2012)

The first meeting of the North Perth Picture Perfect 4-H club was held at Galbraith Optimist Camp for kids on Road 140. At this meeting, we did a little get to know each other share time; we elected our office, Tracey Stark, president, Brianna Nichol, vice-president, Jessica Bannerman, secretary and Meaghan Bell, press reporter.

We got our manuals for this club and this club is actually a double club, of both Photography and Scrapbooking. At this meeting in the picturesque setting of Camp Galbraith we concentrated on taking pictures so we could later scrapbook.

We discussed Dangerous situations a photographer might face and how to go about taking a more dangerous photo of a wild animal or something from great heights.

We also, had local photographer, Amanda Stratton in who gave us some tips on using our cameras and how to take good photos to scrapbook. She told us about watching or shadows in the frame before taking the picture and explained the rule of thirds to us.

We did some judging trying out four different cameras and deciding which one we like the best for picture taking.

We then had the opportunity to use our cameras and experiment using different settings and features on our camera to see what enabled us to take the best photo. After this we had a campfire lunch and closed the meeting.

Our second meeting was held at the Listowel Memorial Park pavilion, where we concentrated on Scrapbooking. To start this meeting we decided on a name for our club, we voted on Picture Perfect. So we became the North Perth Picture Perfect club.

Those of us who wanted to share photos from our first meeting did so and we discussed the different and interesting techniques used in the photos.

We had a special guest, Kelly Williams from Waterloo county 4-H, who leads the Scrapbook club down there come and show us how to scrapbook on canvas and also helped us with a two page layout. Many of us enjoyed the creative freedom we had from the scrapbooking and really thought through our layout.

We judged some scrapbook canvases for the judging portion.

Our third meeting was held at Murray Reesor’s farm on line 71 just outside of Newry. Here, once again we concentrated on our photography, taking beautiful pictures of his magnificent gardens as we toured them.

We discussed how to enter things in the fair, and we particular talked about how to promote 4-H through photography, as one of the categories was a photo promoting 4-H. There were many different ideas from seeing the 4-H emblem in flowers, to group pictures with 4-H signs.

Some of use took some beautiful sunset pictures while there as well.

Our next meeting will be August 7th at the Trillium Mutual building, where we will be working on two page layouts again and our Achievement will be held at Palmerston Fair, August 24 and 25, “Wood” you please come out and see our display and get a unique family or individual picture taken and see how “Picture Perfect” we really are.

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