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North Perth 4-H Thimblinas Quilting Club Have “Sew” Much Fun!

Submitted by Jane Buchanan
Perth 4-H - North Perth Thimblinas
(Posted February 12, 2012)

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to quilt a beautiful pillow panel? Well, the North Mornington Church was busy with the sounds of a sewing machine, scissors, stitching, and laughter as the North Perth 4 H quilting club met for the second time on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at the North Mornington Presbyterian Church. The meeting was called to order by President Tracy Stark. Tracy led the 13 members present in the 4-H pledge. Secretary Emily Skinner read the minutes from last weeks meeting.

Roll call involved giving a suggestion for a club name. Members voted and decided on the “Thimblinas”.

After that, leader Joanne Elg put members into two groups. Any new members went with leader Carolyn Vanderheiden to the sewing machine to practice sewing quilt panels.

Other members went with Joanne to the quilting frame to practice tying and quilting. It felt amazing to practise hand stitching the quilt! Members learned what a self-threading needle is, how to try to stitch evenly, how to solve stitching problems, and how to tie a quilt.

To wrap up the meeting, Joanne gave members a chance to practice their judging and critical thinking skills by rating 3 Valentines cards.

Refreshments were served by Brianna Nichol, and Tracy closed the meeting by having members recite the 4 H motto, “Learn to do by doing”. The next meeting will be held on Saturday March 3, at North Mornington Presbyterian Church.

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