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Norwood 4-H dairy club

Submitted by Sydney sevels
Northumberland 4-H - Norwood dairy club
(Posted April 30, 2017)

Norwood dairy club


On April 25th the Norwood 4-H dairy club joined together at crowvally farms. The Crowley family spilt the group up into three groups. One went and got to judge cows, the other two groups got to see the new technology millers they have, then the Crowley's gave everyone a sheet that had questions about the new technology farm. There was a section for the juniors, novice , intermediate, and then a separate section for the seniors. After the tour portion was over they took all of us and welcomed us into there home, and there we discussed the questions and elected president, vice president, secretary and press reporter.


The new technology program they have is very efficient but very expensive. They showed us how their daily work on a technology farm happens and how while it may seem very easy having not to go in and milk all the cows but they told us that sometimes they do have to go and fetch cows because some don't like getting milked by a machine. Justin Crowley told me that they had to get rid of one cow because she wouldn't stop kicking the machine, but there are some cows that are really old and come up every day and get milked about four times a day and have no problem with it. They also showed us their robot named Juno that pushes all of the feed up for the cows to eat so no food goes wasted.


By Sydney Sevels

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