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Pasta Teers 4-H Group Meets

Submitted by Ashley Ecclestone
Wellington 4-H - Damascus II - Pasta Teers
(Posted April 21, 2014)

On March 29, the Pasta Teers had the fourth meeting of the 4-H Pasta Project. (Unfortunately, the other meeting had been canceled because of the weather).


Participants made several different kinds of rigatoni pie, (such as normal, gluten free, and spinach) ending with very yummy homemade chocolate spaghetti with whip cream and berry sauce. One of the most important skills that you need to make the pie is patience to stand up all of the noodles and stuff cheese and sauce in them. We also learned about food poisoning and how to clean your dishes or how to organize your fridge so that it is healthy for your family. Did you know that raw meat should go on the bottom of your fridge because it might leak onto your cooked food? Or did you know that if a meal is hot, it’s best to keep it hot to prevent germs spreading? One personal thing that I thought was surprising was that there is three steps to making sure that your dishes are germ-free and clean.


The first step is scraping of the food.


The second is washing them and the third is sanitizing them with bleach in the water. Air drying is the most efficient way to dry them.


Find out more of the Pasta-Teers adventures next week, April 26 from 9am to 1pm. Email Janice Walsh to know the details at Bigdaddywalsh2@aol.com.


The Pasta-Teers article was written by Ashley Ecclestone (press reporter).


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