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Plowing to the Finish

Submitted by Chloe McKeown
York 4-H
(Posted October 15, 2015)

On Thursday, August 20, 2015 the York 4-H plowing club held their fourth and final meeting. The meeting was opened at 6:30pm with the 4-H pledge. Today we were perfecting our plowing and driving skills. All members took turns on the tractor, plowing the field. Each member got a satisfying amount of time on the tractor since some members couldn’t make it to the meeting. We had two tractors plowing at the same time, meaning they would drive in a rectangular shape. After everyone had a turn plowing, we split into two groups. Some members went and drove through an obstacle course and some members kept plowing. We switched after everyone had cycled through. By that time the meeting was almost over so we had a snack. Then Luke and Olivia ended the meeting at 8:45pm.

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