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Popping Balloons and Cheering Like Cows

Submitted by Chloe McKeown
York 4-H
(Posted October 15, 2015)

The York 4-H Dairy Club and its members joined together on Monday, April 27 at the Markham fair grounds in the livestock building for their first official meeting. In the beginning of this meeting we were told to blow up balloons for a surprise later. Once all the balloons were blown up we carried them in to the ring of the livestock building. Then our youth leaders, Cassie and Kaitlin told us what the surprise was. We were going to play some teamwork and icebreaker games since we have new members. The first game was a relay race. The point of the game was to run as fast as you can to your designated balloon and pop it by sitting on it.  Then run back and tag the next person in line. As the game went on the amount of balloons doubled. Once all the balloons were popped and everyone one had a good laugh we played a verbal icebreaker game. The object of the game was for your group to come up with a cheer about your designated random animal. The game was such a good icebreaker. By the end of it, everyone was laughing. After the games we started have a discussion about what the club would be doing this year and electing members for certain positions to benefit the club. After elections we talked about certain fairs and our completion for the club. After we had gotten our sheets and information it was snack time. Finally we ended the meeting off by talking about some new ideas for meetings and activities.


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