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Sheep Club - What to Bring to Blackstock Fair

Submitted by Stephanie Baird-Oryschak
Durham East 4-H - Durham East 4-H sheep Club
(Posted October 14, 2013)

What to bring to Blackstock

For your Lamb

- 2 Buckets – one for cleaning lamb, one for water

- Hay

- Halter

- Sponge

- Lamb tube to keep lamb clean

- Straw for bedding

- Baby wipes

- Soapless shampoo

- Towels

- Clippers

- Wool card or slicker type brush and whatever other combs and brushes that work well for your breed

- Spray bottle with plain water


For You

- Exhibitor Harness

- White button shirt

- Black pants

- Work boots

- Bottle water

- Hat – Do Not Wear in show ring

- Sunscreen

- $$$ or Lunch


I hope that everyone has a wonderful time at the fair.

Remember we “Learn to Do by Doing”



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