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Sheep Club - Thursday, June 13th 2013

Submitted by Stephanie Baird-Oryschak
Durham East 4-H - Durham East 4-H Sheep Club
(Posted October 14, 2013)

Tonight held the third Durham East 4-H Sheep Club meeting from 7:00p.m. - 9:00p.m. at the Bank’s and the Cardigan’s farm. This evening our hosts Luke and Jenny Cardigan talked about how they had partnered up with the Bank’s who live down the street. The two families came up with the idea of lambing and the construction of the new barn took off in August, allowing them to start lambing in November.

They have about 600 ewes and they use ultra sound on all of them. They feed their sheep by a conveyor belt. They first mix the feed up which takes about two minutes. They also have a cart that goes along the green pathway above the sheep feeder and fork the hay off. From there, the feed is put in this long feeder and then have the old food taken out by the conveyor belt, shovel it up and give it to their beef cattle. They feed their sheep a mix made of protein, full stalks of corn, minerals and more. They use straw for their bedding.

When the lamb is two months old it will be weighed and if it’s 40 pounds or over they’ll move those lambs to the other sheep barn which is at the Cardigan’s farm.

In the other barn (at the Cardigan’s) they feed their sheep corn. This barn was established in 1837. In this barn the sheep get to go out to the pasture mean while at the Banks' barn they don’t. Hope to see you at coaching night!


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