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4-H Sheep Club Tours Local Meat Shop

Submitted by Rhiannah Gallagher
Carleton 4-H - East Carleton 4-H Sheep Club
(Posted July 27, 2013)

On Tuesday, July 9, the East Carleton 4-H Sheep Club toured Lavergne Western Beef Inc. in Navan. The meat shop is known for making the best smoked bacon in Ottawa. Club leader, Colleen Acres, opened the meeting by organizing the club into smaller groups. Rhiannah Gallagher led the 4-H pledge and then members were introduced to their tour guide, Mario. Split into groups of six, the club was given a tour of the facility. Mario showed each group different cuts of lamb and compared them to cuts of pork. While one group was touring the shop, the others were preparing for the upcoming County Judging Night, which was held on July 17 at the Richmond Fairgrounds.

In preparation for Judging Night, members practised their judging skills with a class of market lambs and a mystery class - work gloves used for handling hay. Members also practised identifying weeds and seeds and gave one set of reasons for either the lamb or glove class. At the end of the evening, club leader, Carol Hall, presented the official reasons for the mystery class and Taylor Bazinet gave the officials for the market lamb class. Colleen Acres reviewed the weeds and seeds. After Tim Oude Egberink thanked the Hall family for providing refreshments, Caileigh Gallagher, the club president, adjourned the meeting.

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