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Spice Club Press Report

Submitted by Mitchell Clermont
Essex 4-H - Essex Spice Club
(Posted December 13, 2011)

At this meeting of the spice club we were to get a taste of the Caribbean. Yea mon! When we arrived we immediately split into teams. The dishes that were cooked were as follows: jerked chicken, curried goat, curried lamb, and curried rice. There was also fruit salsa, fruit punch, and fudge (which unfortunately didn’t turn out so we were unable to eat it). When everything was done we sat down to eat. Please understand that when I say the food was delicious that that is a complete understatement. Everything was so good. Sweet and salty, and of course spicy! (Some thanks to the extremely hot 'Slap Your Mama' powder). The jerked chicken was amazing, although I found out that it was not prepared the traditional way. There is little difference to be had in taste between the two styles of cooking though. After dinner we had a business meeting in which we drew names of countries out of a hat. These had to do with the projects we were to do for achievement day. Our next meeting will be Christmas spice and all things nice.

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