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Spice for Life Poem (as presented at Annual Christmas Party)

Submitted by Felix Jr. and Bernice Weber
Perth 4-H - North Perth Spice for Life
(Posted January 8, 2013)

Wallace 4-H is a great little club

We learn so much even about the tea in your mug

This year was great' cause the club called Spice for Life

Taught us lots without any strife

There are many spices that we learned about,

From thyme, sage, mint and parsley too,

Rosemary, lemon balm, ginger and basil to name a few.

The first meeting, bruschetta and mint iced tea were made

And lessons on spices and what can grow, or not, in the shade.

Off to Listowel Green Houses for meeting two

We learned much from Frank to whom we owe a big Thank you.

Designing and presenting some herb garden plots

His expert advice was often sought.

Meeting three was an Epicure party delight.

We enjoyed her kitchen insights.

Different dishes with epicure herbs were prepared,

and at the end these were deliciously shared.

Thanks by the way to those that bought items that night.

It was a great way to support 4-H in all it might.

A road trip to Flowers to Fragrance for meeting four.

Of benefits of Lavender we learned and much more.

Next was the Hawthorne Organics, a tour which was fun,

A tour of collecting, storing and packing seeds was done.

We made all sorts of things using our herbs and spice,

neck soothers, and perfumes to make easy our life.

Top book honours were given to Jolene, Tracey and Emily,

and Nick, Felix and Sam made chili for our Spice Club Family.

The Chili Cook off was an event not to be missed

10 chili's so good, was there more many wished?

To MPP Randy Pettapiece and Counciller Schneider we say Thank you

Being a Chili Judge is such a hard job to do too!

Congrats to Tamara & Jolene a first for the Spice of Life Display.

At Palmerston Fair they sure did OK.

Dear Terri, Angela, Joanne and Carolyn as well.

You were superb leaders and did just swell.

We learned so much from all that you showed

and to be dedicated to the 4-H code

Learn to do by doing is the 4-H motto we believe

We are all now more capable and our parents are relieved!


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