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Square Dancing Galore!

Submitted by Emily Royce
Perth 4-H - Square Dancing
(Posted March 13, 2014)

The Listowel Square Dancing 4-H Club has been meeting since mid-January learning all about square dancing. With all 4-H clubs, our first meeting includes elections. We elected our President, Lexi Johnston; Vice President Jane Buchanan; Secretary Bethany Hamilton and Press Reporter Emily Royce.

Over the first four meetings we have had lots of fun and laughs learning the basic steps of square dancing, like the promenade, grand chain, doci do and the swing. We have also had fun learning how to two-step, waltz and polka. We start off learning these dances on our own and once we got the hang of it by ourselves we tried it with a partner.

With all of the dancing that we do, we always enjoy taking a break to enjoy the snacks that club members volunteer to bring. Everybody’s favourite snack seemed to be the milkshakes that were provided by one of our leaders Judy.

At the third meeting we took a break from square dancing to judge square dancing outfits and music in two groups. Most of the square dancing outfits had little flower patterns and were very plain with no glitter or sequins.

Some of the club members got to try calling. Luckily we got to use a microphone so we didn’t have to yell over the music. We also took some time to judge square dance calls/lyrics and listenined to some different kinds of square dancing music. But most of all my favorite part of the club for my friends and I has been the dancing.

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