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Submitted by Alexandra Lockley
Essex 4-H - 4-H Swine Club
(Posted April 16, 2012)

On March 29th the 4-H Swine Club held their first meeting at 7pm at the Essex Civic Center. We started off with the 4-H pledge, and then held elections. Emma as President, Rachel is Vice President and Photographer, Abby is Secretary & Treasure, and Alexandra is Press Reporter.

We talked about our plans for 2012.

We are planning to maybe go to Guelph University and the Ontario Pork Congress - Barrow Show in Stratford that two of our club members (Abby and Emma) are competing on June 20th. We talked about maybe getting jackets for our club too.

After we watched some of the Geico™ Insurance commercials on YouTube of the pig. The meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting is April 24th, 2012.

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