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Tillage Machinery Saftey

Submitted by Hanna Willemsma
Essex 4-H - 4-H Farm Safety Club
(Posted February 24, 2012)

The second meeting of the 4-H Farm Safety Club was held on February 23 at the Essex Civic Center. Nic opened the meeting and the Members recited the 4-H pledge. The Members had to say whether they had ever driven a tractor for roll call. Mikayla gave the secretary's report followed by the treasurer's report given by Lacey.

The Members discussed tillage. The Members talked about tillage machinery and safety around it. They learned that many accidents happen because a person stands between the tractor and the piece of machinery that needs to be hitched.

Some important rules are:

1. Never stand between the tractor and the equipment when the engines are running.

2. Make sure that the driver can see you when giving hand signals.

3. Stand in a safe spot. Make sure you have an escape route if needed.

4. Bystanders should be kept away from the machinery.

After the discussion the Members enjoyed cookies and juice.

Our next meeting is Feb 28th at the Essex Legion at 6:45 pm. This meeting is a farmer's meeting where the OPP will be talking about farm security.

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