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Verner Happy Hikers 4-H Club is Active Again!

Submitted by Alexina Seguin
Sudbury 4-H - Verner Happy Hikers
(Posted November 4, 2012)

This fall, the Verner Happy Hikers 4-H Club had their first meeting on September 3, 2012 at David Emiry’s farm. We introduced our guest speaker Charlie Restoule. He taught us how to survive in the wild and what he has in his survival kit. Charlie also showed us how to make snow shoes with branches and string. After, we made first aid kits.

On the ninth, we met at the Séguin’s family farm. Dan showed us map features and how to read a compass. Later on, we split in groups to find marking tape using our maps and compasses.

The sixteenth we took a hike at Mashkinonje Provincial Park. We looked at animal scat, animal markings and their habitats. We saw lots of wildlife evidence, like woodpecker holes and moose droppings.

September 23, we met again at Mashkinonje to observe and identify plants, such as bracken ferns. We learned about different ecosystems, including wetlands and uplands.

The 30th of September, we assembled at Sucrerie Séguin Sugarbush. In groups, we discovered how to store food while camping in the wild, using different strategies. Members also learned how to plan a campsite - where we should put our shelter, latrine, food and garbage. Still in groups, we had to meet in a cranberry bog from various starting points. After, we enjoyed delicious cookies. The Verner Happy Hikers Club had fun learning about camping and the great outdoors!

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