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West Carleton Community Club Spends an Evening with NBG Polled Herefords

Submitted by Kaitlin Cavanagh
Carleton 4-H - West Carleton Community Club
(Posted June 12, 2012)

On Wednesday May 16th NBG Polled Herefords welcomed the West Carleton Community Club to their farm in North Gower.

The meeting began with Robyn Rochon-Kaiser reading the minutes of the April meeting. She requested someone to count the minutes and someone to count the seconds since our President was running a little late! Rick Cummings requested all of the 4-H Project forms indicating what each 4-H’er would be growing and/or showing be submitted to Jean Sullivan.

The meeting was then handed over to our hosts Bert Grundy and his son-in-law Don Hess. They explained to us the basics you need to know when caring for such calm, gentle show cows. Management details such as feeding, weaning, breeding, training and what to look for when choosing a show animal were all explained to us. Don discussed what to look for in a bull when breeding a heifer or cow and he emphasized the importance of understanding and examining EPD’s when selecting bulls to breed to your stock. Once we were divided into groups one group of 4-Hers went to learn about what to look for in judging beef. Don explained what to look for in a show cow, heifer and bull and a market steer or heifer. We were then set out on our own to judge a class of 4 yearling Hereford heifers. Once we had a chance to judge them Kaitlin Cavanagh was asked to give her reasons on the class then Don gave his official reasons on the class. We then had a chance to see the farm’s prized Hereford bull “ NBG The Wanderer “. Don walked him around and pointed out characteristics to look for in a bull. He was a big but well behaved bull.

The two groups of 4-H’ers then rotated and we then went into one of the Cover-Alls where we identified weeds with Bruce Hudson. Over 15 different weeds and a few seeds were on display for us to identify. We were all given handy books on how to tell the difference between different grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Once we all gathered together back in the Cover-all Mary Ziebarth thanked Mr. Grundy and Mr. Hess for hosting our 4-H club and presented them with a little Thank-You gift. Mr. Grundy kindly offered for any of us to stop in at any time to see their herd and farm again.

The meeting was adjourned with refreshments.

The next meeting will be held at the farm of Glenn & Leah Dean and Family. We are all excited to have a tour of their brand new barn. We hope to see all our 4-H’ers there!

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