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West Carleton Community Club Pickles It's Way Into The Season

Submitted by Kaitlin Cavanagh
Carleton 4-H - West Carleton Community Club
(Posted April 27, 2012)

4-H is popular in West Carleton again!

A new journey has begun again for the West Carleton Community Club with our first meeting being held on Tuesday April 24/12 at the Galetta Community Center.

We kicked things off with Bruce Hudson, our leader, welcoming everyone. As we have such a large club this year we have a number of dedicated leaders: Bruce and Liz Hudson, Rick Cummings, Leah Richardson-Dean, Jean Sullivan, Annette Cousins and Peter Kaiser. The leaders then congratulated some of our fellow 4-Hers that competed in the various 4-H Competitions at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show this past March. We have a number of new members this year so to get to know everyone's names one at a time everyone had a turn to state their name, grade and some of their hobbies. With close to 50 club members it is going to be a real test for the leaders to remember everyone's name! The West Carleton Community Club welcomes members from 9-21 years old with projects like field crops, beef heifers or dairy heifers. Bruce went over the forms with us and ensured that everyone was aware of the 4 “H's”...Head, Heart, Hands and Health. We all stood and recited the 4-H pledge then Bruce went over proper parliamentary procedure with us. Elections for the club executive were conducted by process of nominating members then voting by secret ballot. This year Katie Eastman was elected Club President, Kerin Hudson was elected Vice-President, Robyn Rochon-Kaiser was elected Secretary and Kaitlin Cavanagh was elected Press Reporter.

It was then time to do some judging. Four bowls of potato chips were judged by some of the older club members. This showed the younger members how to go about judging a class and some key words and how to give your reasons. Kendra Cavanagh has done a lot of judging so she gave the official reasons and explained her opinion of her placings. Every year the members have come to expect the leaders to come up with something interesting for the club to work on in groups and to judge. This year was no exception! I don't know who's idea this was!!! We were divided into 4 groups and each group was given a tray with a cucumber, a pepper, toothpicks and a wide variety of PICKLES!!! The challenge was to make a farm scene using all the pickles with the 4-H Logo somehow incorporated into it. Farmers, tractors, cows, haylage, barns, fields, fences and many more things were creatively made out of our vegetables and pickles. The imagination and artistry were simply amazing! After 25 minutes of hard core cutting and constructing the official judging took place. Two of our leaders Rick and Annette judged our creations and Annette gave the official reasons. They looked for neatness, that all types of pickles were used, that the 4-H logo was represented and a clear presentation.

After the farms were judged refreshments were served and the meeting was brought to an end.

We look forward to the May meeting at the Grundy's NBG Polled Herefords in North Gower. “Can't wait to see everyone there!”

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