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My first ever 4-H meeting...and it was GREAT!

Submitted by Lauren Churchill
Essex 4-H - 4-H Vet Club “Wild Mustangs”
(Posted April 15, 2012)

As I approached the Wild Mustangs (AKA the 4-H Vet Club) on April 3rd at the Essex Civic Center, I was warmly welcomed by the club leaders Susan and Anne. Since it was my very first time in 4-H and since this was the clubs first meeting of the year, we played a game to get to know each other. In the game one of the leaders would stick a Disney animal character’s name on your back, and then you had to go around to other members and ask them three ‘yes or no’ questions to help you figure out what your character’s name was. Once you figured out which character you were you had to find someone else from the same movie (i.e. Belle and the Beast, Woody and Buzz, Pooh and Piglet).

When everyone had paired up we sat down and started to get to the serious business of nominations. Once the ballots were all counted and we had the positions for our club executive filled the results were as follows: President- Emma L., Secretary/treasurer- Nic, Press Reporter- Myself (Lauren), Photographers- Darin and Alexandra.

When we got all the politics out of the way we were informed that our wonderful and brilliant leaders Susan and Anne had booked us an exciting and informative trip to visit the University of Guelph Animal Hospital in July.

With how much fun we had at the meeting and with all the great participants in the club I am excited about the new experiences I will have through this club and through being involved in 4-H.

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