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Highlights of York Chocolate Club

Submitted by Katrina & Mattia Seemann
York 4-H - Sharon Life Skills Chocolate Club
(Posted May 28, 2014)


May 27, 2014

Throughout the year, the 4-H Chocolate Club has held lots of exciting and educational meetings. In our first meeting, we had delegates come and visit us from 4-H Jamaica, and everybody had a blast! In later meetings, we created delicious snacks such as chocolate haystacks, truffles, cream eggs and molded chocolate Easter bunnies.

At one of the meetings, Danny Seemann, a graduate pastry chef from George Brown College, came and gave us a tutorial on tempering chocolate. We were shown the correct way to melt chocolate to get the right texture. We learned that tempering chocolate was a very precise procedure, and it requires lots of practice. We also learned lots of tips and tricks such as putting the melting chocolate on your bottom lip, (since it is the most sensitive part of your body) to test the temperature – if it is still lukewarm, you would need to add more chips of chocolate to cool it. When Danny had finished tempering all of the chocolate, he used it to make tuxedo strawberries, a cute snack which everyone enjoyed afterwards!

In the last meeting we held, the chocolate club re-created an episode of MasterChef Canada, complete down to the aesthetics. The club was divided into two teams, and each team competed to win in a challenge by creating a beautiful edible centerpiece. In the end, both creations ended up looking great, so when the competition was declared over, the teams indulged in their masterpieces. The chocolate club’s achievement will take place just after our final meeting – a tour to the Cadbury chocolate factory and Soma chocolate makers in Toronto. We’ll keep you updated!

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