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News Report 1: York 4H Photography Club

Submitted by Katrina Seemann
York 4-H - York Photography Club
(Posted October 23, 2016)

Everybody who likes to take photos, take note! This year with the York 4-H Photography club, we explored all kinds of places to document with our cameras, learning lots about photography in the process. For our first meeting, we held elections, as per usual, and afterwards we got a brief introduction to lighting in photography. AnnaLena, our club leader, showed us how to use lighting in a studio as well as how to manipulate light outdoors, and we compared the two. We split into pairs and photographed each other so we could see the difference in the two lighting situations. As a first meeting, it was comprehensive and taught us some ground techniques when it comes to the most important part of photography, lighting. We ended the meeting with snacks and the 4H motto.

For our second meeting, we opened with the 4-H pledge and made sure everyone was present, because this meeting was a field trip to the King Heritage and Cultural Centre in King City. The theme of the meeting was ‘natural dyes of the 19th century’, so we explored the different ways this was incorporated in the artifacts at the Cultural Centre. There we judged antique wedding dresses, took photos inside the school house, looked at the dying process of wool and took photos, as well as the old train station. We learned a lot about local history as well as getting some interesting shots. Everyone enjoyed their time there, and we finished up the meeting after a couple hours. Before leaving our leader reminded us to be prepared to take assignment photos for the next meeting, the theme of which was “A Day in My Life.”

For meeting three, we took another field trip to Lionel’s Petting Zoo in Markham. There we spend our time photographing all the different animals on the property and getting some nice close up and action shots of the ponies in the back. After we were done photographing, we ate snacks and judged the assignment photos from the previous meeting. Judging the photos helps everyone gain a better understanding of critical thinking and also gives them a chance to display their work. When it was all said and done, we closed the meeting and went home, after AnnaLena reminded us that for next meeting we have another assignment, the theme being “Photographer’s Choice.” Stay posted for a report on our final two meetings!


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