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News Report 2: York 4H Photography Club

Submitted by Katrina Seemann
York 4-H - York Photography Club
(Posted October 23, 2016)

Our Photography Club is now nearing a close. With only one more meeting to go as well as the achievement, everyone is getting their final photos ready. For the fourth and final meeting we took a third field trip, this time to Kensington Market downtown Toronto, as well as the well known graffiti alley nearby. Graffiti alley gave us all kinds of beautiful opportunities to take portraits of fellow group members against the unique and colourful backdrops, and Kensington Market was full of details and cool things to check out and take photos of. It was a warm day so we went inside a shop called Butterfly to cool off and window shop. Finally we layed out our assignment photos and judged them like we did the previous meeting. After a fun day, we finished the meeting on the street and talked about the final assignments due for the achievement before we all went our own ways home.

Achievement day was hosted at Sharon Temple in Sharon, and everyone brought their 8x10 sized achievement photos and we put them on display. This achievement day was shared with the Gem and Mineral Club, another club that AnnaLena lead, so there was more people to attend either achievement night and more final projects to admire. Awards were given out based on judging done by the Newmarket Camera Club, and everyone received a gift bag with some photography-themed items inside. After the achievement was concluded and everyone got to socialize and enjoy refreshments, we called it a day. All in all, everybody had a good time, and it was a good end to another good year in the York 4H Photography Club!


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