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York Rabbit Club Report 1

Submitted by Mathew Seemann
York 4-H - York Rabbit Club
(Posted October 23, 2016)

Our third meeting was hosted at the Bolender’s house in Summer 2016. Most of the members attended. We started off by doing the 4-H pledge and all the business. Next we did a trivia game where we split up into three groups and each team got a phone. How it worked was there would be a question about rabbits on the Bolender’s computer. Then it would give you multiple answers on the phone your team was using and you would try to work together to get the correct answer. After that activity was done the members shared a potluck meal with each other. Barb (the co-leader of the Rabbit Club) and Mrs. Peaker brought cooked hare which was quite tasty. There was also lots of other good food and all of it was homemade. After all the great food was eaten, it started to sprinkle down rain just a bit but that didn't stop us from practicing our Showmanship and Confirmation. We practiced for about 20 or so minutes and increased our skill for the achievement later in the year. Another great meeting passed. Overall, Rabbit Club was always one of my favorites and you should definitely think about trying it out.


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