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York Rabbit Club Report #2

Submitted by Mathew Seemann
York 4-H - York Rabbit Club
(Posted October 23, 2016)

Our last meeting and second field trip in the Rabbit Club was hosted at the Georgina pioneer village on September 17th 2016. Lots of the Rabbit Club members came to show off their rabbits to the public, and introduce them to 4-H. When we first arrived it was just sprinkling rain but we all went under a little tent with our rabbits anyway. Just a few minutes later it started pouring down rain so the tent came in handy. When the rain settled down people started coming to our booth asking if they could pet our rabbits and we were happy to let them. More and more people started coming so Barb, (the co-leader of the Rabbit Club) put up a trivia wheel. The public spun it and then were asked a question. Lots of people enjoyed the booth and we all had lots of fun.


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