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York Rabbit Club Tours OSPCA In Newmarket

Submitted by Chloe McKeown
York 4-H - Rabbit Club
(Posted August 16, 2014)

On Monday, July 14, 2014 the Rabbit Club had their third meeting from 5:15pm – 6:15pm. The meeting was held at the OSPCA Centre, Veterinary Hospital. Leaders who attended this meeting were Lorrie Bolender and Barb Aabo. Members who attended were Omar Peaker, Mattia Seemann, Samara Aabo, Chloe McKeown and Megan McKeown. The meeting started of with our President Megan McKeown opening the meeting at 5:15. We met our tour guide/employee Kallie. She walked us though the process of what they do when they get a new animal.

She showed us where all the cats lived and what they had to do if one was sick or when they had to move one from room to room. Then we went to the dog side of the building. She showed us how the process went for when they’re getting a dog or a cat ready for adoption. She explained to us that they had to make sure the dog wouldn’t bite or get too overly protective of something like a toy. Then we got to see some dogs while she showed us where the dogs go outside. Then she showed the group the kitchen where they store bowls, food, etc.

We finally made our way to where they have their rabbits and hamsters. She explained that when an owner of any pet does not take care of their animal or they abuse the animal, the OSPCA has the right to arrest the owner and take their animal to the OSPCA and take care of it there. She knew a lot about the animals there. After the tour was over Omar read the minutes from last meeting. Finally the President Megan McKeown thanked the OSPCA and our Rabbit Club leaders Lorrie Bolender and Barb Aabo for arranging the tour and supplying snacks and then closed the meeting at 6:15pm.

The OSPCA is in constant need of old blankets, towels, sheets and pet food. If you have any of these items, please think of them first!


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