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2019 York 4-H Cooking Club News report

Submitted by Mathew Seemann
York 4-H - Sharon Life Skills
(Posted May 7, 2019)

2019 York 4-H Cooking Club News report

This year’s cooking club was one of the most unique I've participated in. The club was themed around Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods and provided a very different experience while both cooking and eating the foods. Also, at each meeting, a group of members were assigned a topic to be researched that was then presented to the group. These were formed around Middle Eastern and Mediterranean traditions and cultures. All of the presentations were well thought through and very informing! Each meeting, we were split into four groups of three and after some house keeping notes, everyone started cooking! One of the favourite foods of all was the Pita bread. There were store-bought Pita options as a comparison, but most of us prefered the homemade version. Many members also enjoyed the rosewater ice cream and the kofta meatballs. Throughout the club we have made a variety of interesting, new and yummy foods that offer an overall outstanding cooking experience, and if the club ran again, I would join in a heartbeat! Lastly, I'd like to give a huge thanks to our leaders, AnnaLena Seeman and Christine Pierroz for leading such an amazing club for us members to have fun and learn while cooking together!

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