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Giving Back

Do you have skills that you would be willing to contribute to the 4-H program today? (e.g. judging public speaking, livestock, crop or life skills competitions, workshop presentations, mentoring, fundraising, leading a Club, etc.) As a former Member of 4-H, you understand the value our programs have in enriching the lives of youth throughout Ontario. We invite you to help us make 4-H even better.

Become a Volunteer; make a donation; give us your ideas for improvements and new programs; or support one of our fundraising initiatives.

There are many ways to give back to 4-H:





Spread the Word

“I realize now what a difference 4-H has made in my life. The skills I learned helped me get into university, win competitions and ace interviews. I could never understand why I was the only person in my class unafraid to speak up and share my thoughts. I know now – 4-H gave me that confidence. I need to give back, and make sure other kids have the same opportunities I did.”

- Wellington 4-H Alumni