Virtual Art Show 2022

Welcome back to the 4-H Virtual Art Show!

The 4-H Virtual Art Show is to celebrate YOU, trying new things, and your love for the arts. Mark your calendars because the 4-H Virtual Art Show is opening June 21st and running all summer long. Submission deadline is September 5th. Explore our 4-H Virtual Gallery below view the gallery! Submit your art piece to have it posted in our Virtual Gallery and have a chance to win a mystery surprise! NOW CLOSED – THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING – SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

Remember to have fun! 🎨


🍀 You can only submit 1 art piece for each class.
🍀 The picture of your art piece must be clear as possible.
🍀 The theme and subject of your art is whatever you choose to create. Communicate whatever you would like within your piece.
🍀 There will be a winner for each category per age division.
🍀 Deadline to submit your art piece is September 5th at 11:59PM.
🍀 We will be opening the voting process to the public on September 8th 9:00AM and will be closing September 15th 11:59PM. Please vote for your favourite of all categories in each age division.

It is now closed! Thanks so much everyone! Winners will be posted soon!






The Classes:

boy painting a woods scene


🍀 Use any medium (type of materials used): acrylic paint, watercolour paint, oil paint, pencil, pencil crayons, crayons, etc.


Do you like to draw/paint on the computer or want to give it a try!  The world of digital art is growing and this is a great way to dip your toes in!

💡 Examples to paint/draw: livestock, family, landscape, food, automobiles/tractors, own character, magical animals, architecture


Choose to capture any subject you want!

🍀 Use your phone, camera, or anything available to take a picture.

🍀 Do not hesitate to edit your photos. Sometimes tweaking your brightness, contrast, colours can enhance your photos!

💡 Examples to capture: livestock, family, landscape, food, automobiles/tractors, architecture, etc.


Choose to create any subject/sculpture you want! It can be abstract (use your imagination) or something that resembles a real life subject.
Seed Art: use any types of seeds (sunflower seeds, bean seeds, other seeds). Create any thing you can imagine!

🍀 Use any medium (type of materials used): water bottles, plasticine, beads, construction paper, paint, flowers, etc.

💡 Example to create: animals, fruits/vegetables, sea creatures, bubbles, think of something you would want to present to your community.

Food Art

Create/decorate a cake/cupcake, sandwich art, any type of art using food!

🍀 Use any food to decorate and create.

💡Example: decorate a cake/cupcake of a theme (summer, agriculture, cars, animals, flowers, dinosaurs, buildings, use your imagination)!

Bonus Class:

Celebrating the importance of through art!

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

This class is sponsored by

For this class, you have the choice of selecting any type of medium (materials: paint, photography, sculpture, or whatever you want!) to show the meaning of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security!

What does that mean to you?

How can you express to the audience the importance of sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in your community, your city, and our world?

Learn more about what Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security is below in the resource section.

Virtual Gallery

Did You Know?

Cargill is over 150 years old? They started in 1865 with the purpose of helping farmers prosper, connecting markets and bringing consumers the products they’re seeking. – Cargill

Did You Know?

The average Canadian household spends $1,766 on food that is wasted every year – Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Did You Know?

Over the past two decades, farmers have doubled the value of production while stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions. – Government of Canada


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