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Volunteering with 4-H Ontario

4-H Ontario changes lives and builds leadership skills in over 6,000 youth throughout Ontario.  This incredible accomplishment is achieved through the commitment and enthusiasm of over 1,800 trained and screened volunteers.  It is our volunteers who bring the enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and energy to our program year after year.

Each volunteer is unique.  Our volunteers come from all walks of life and every geographical location. 4-H Ontario volunteers determine their role based on their interests and the amount of time they have available.

At 4-H Ontario, we have so many rewarding volunteer opportunities, there is one to suit everyone.

Volunteer Opportunities with 4-H Ontario

4-H Ontario is growing and we are always looking for volunteers willing to bring their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the program.  There are countless ways our volunteers contribute including:

Why Join Us?

Volunteering with 4-H Ontario offers you the opportunity to:

  • Truly make a difference in the lives of youth in your community
  • Utilize your skills and knowledge
  • Create future leaders in your community
  • Volunteer with your children, grandchildren or as a family
  • Participate in training and skill development opportunities
  • Experience personal growth and travel opportunities
  • Find a volunteer experience that fits your personal  interest and lifestyle
  • Be recognized for your contributions

“We always think of 4-H as a program for the development of youth, but I’m telling you – it is so much more than that. 4-H is a program for the leadership, social and personal development of youth and volunteers. The rewards of being a 4-H leader are every bit as much as they are for being a member.”

- John Drummond, 4-H Volunteer and Arbor Award Winner

Click here to learn about the Steps to Becoming a 4-H Volunteer

For more information please contact:
4-H Ontario's Senior Manager, Volunteers & Community Engagement
1.877.410.6748 x464