In the Baking Club, you’ll learn to bake breads, cookies, pies and more as you work on your skills in this culinary art! In this club, you’ll learn: how to follow a recipe and measure ingredients accurately, the basic principles of baking, like kneading, rising and temperature control, how to substitute ingredients based on your preferences while baking using delicious recipes you can perfect and experiment with.

Best of the Bakery Project

Baking has come a long way since early humans mashed up wild grain with water and cooked the resulting paste on a hot rock. But no rock paste here, just the latest techniques for delicious baked goods.

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York 4-H Association

Want to learn by doing? Meet new people? Develop valuable leadership skills? York 4-H is the association for you! Participants, from ages 6 – 21, take part in a variety of clubs across York Region run by passionate and creative volunteers. Clubs in York include many different livestock, life skills and special interest topics.

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Region 3
York Region
Youth Participant 9-21
Lorrie Bolender and Kemayla Fleming
Spots Available