Batter Up

We love baking for lots of reasons. It’s part science, part creativity and all delicious. It’s also perfect for sharing your creations with friends and family. In the Batter Up Project, you’ll learn how to make a variety of baked goods using healthy alternatives to classic ingredients. It’s the best of both worlds!

In this project, you’ll learn:

  • The basic principles of baking, like kneading, rising and temperature control
  • How to substitute ingredients for healthier versions
  • How to bake various treats like muffins, cookies, cakes, pies and bread
  • Tips on decorating and storing your baked goods

Limit of 12 members

Batter Up Project

Welcome to Baking 101 with a twist! This project focuses on healthier versions of our favourite treats for the perfect blend of delicious and nutritious.

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Stormont 4-H Association

A dedicated group of volunteers working cooperatively to deliver a multitude of projects/clubs for a wide variety of youth in Stormont County and also to friends of Stormont County.

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Region 2
Newington, Ontario
Youth Participant 9-21
Denise Beaudette-Manley, Jen Marion, Yvonne Seeley
Spots Available