Carp 4-H Baking Club

In this club, members will learn the basics of baking, gain hands on experience in the kitchen and bake a variety of sweet treats.

At the end of each meeting, members will get to enjoy the product of their hard work.

Best of the Bakery Project

Baking has come a long way since early humans mashed up wild grain with water and cooked the resulting paste on a hot rock. But no rock paste here, just the latest techniques for delicious baked goods.

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Carleton 4-H Association

Put your best foot forward with Carleton County 4-H!!! Join and learn new and interesting skills, have fun and meet new friends. There is something for everyone so come give it a try!

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Youth Participant 9-21
Edna Crabb, Tanya Boyd, Stephanie Denofrio-Findlay, Rachel Devlin, Megan Carroll and Erin Carroll
Spots Available