Carp 4-H Swine Club

As a member of the Carp 4-H Swine Club, you will select a young pig at the start of the spring and raise it all summer until you show and auction it off at the Carp Fair.

Members will be responsible for raising, housing and training their own swine project. 

A portion of each members auction earnings will be donated to a charity of the clubs choice and back to 4-H Ontario. 

Swine Project

Feeling fine about swine! This project will teach you everything you need to know about swine and pork.

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Carleton 4-H Association

Put your best foot forward with Carleton County 4-H!!! Join and learn new and interesting skills, have fun and meet new friends. There is something for everyone so come give it a try!

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Start Date
April 18, 2023
End Date
September 24, 2023
Meeting Time
Meeting Frequency


Youth Participant 9-21
Edna Crabb, Tanya Boyd, Stephanie Denofrio-Findlay, Rachel Devlin, Megan Carroll and Erin Carroll
Spots Available