Comber Poultry

Participants will follow the lifespan of a chicken, from candling the hatch in the incubator, to raising their own babies. Participants will research birds that they are interested in, and we will try to locate eggs of all requested breeds. We have had Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Quail, Pigeons. We do judging/show at the Comber Fair.

Poultry Project

Poultry is one of the most important industries in Canadian farming! From turkey burgers to chicken noodle soup, poultry (including eggs) is a staple in many kitchens.

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Essex 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Essex. 

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Region 6
Essex County
Youth Participant 9-21
Julie Slater-Unholzer Michelle Pillon
Spots Available