Fallowfield Community Club

This is a community club that includes dairy, beef and crop projects.

The dairy and beef projects focus on production, nutrition, breeding, livestock care and showmanship.  At the end of the club, members will showcase their hard work and dedication with their animals at the Achievement Day Show at Carp Fair on Sept. 22nd.

The crop project will learn about field crop species and management.  We’ll explore what crops are grown in Ontario, how to identify plants, weeds and seeds grown in Ontario and learn to judge various crops.  At the end of the club, members will  display their crop projects at the Achievement Day Show at Carp Fair on Sept. 22nd.

Majority of our meetings are in the Fallowfield/Richmond/North Gower/Ashton area.

Dairy Project

Dairy: it’s more than milk! This project will teach you the ins and outs of a successful dairy operation, covering the basics like animal care, plus the latest dairy farming tools and practices.

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Carleton 4-H Association

Put your best foot forward with Carleton County 4-H!!! Join and learn new and interesting skills, have fun and meet new friends. There is something for everyone so come give it a try!

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Richmond/North Gower/Ashton
Youth Participant 9-21
Brittany Hill, Spencer Hill, Jan Moodie and Janet Arthurs
Spots Available